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I am through taking shit from people.
Right now, I trust fucking no one.
Its time for me to take care of myself and stop worrying about others.
I expect a lot, but always settle for less, and I am tired of it.
I've never been the girl that had everything, but i want to be.
I'll be done with eighth grade in june, and life can only get better from there.

Forget Regret. I'm done looking back.
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Single
TV syfy, mtv
Quotes living is easy with eyes closed.


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The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace, Faith, The American Dream, Happiness and Love! Join the Revolution. Our Lives are in danger and the majority of us don't even know it. Learn about the New World Order. To learn more watch videos on my profile. Check out and Join the Revolution!!!

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